Washindi Trampoline Club 


Why Washindi? Translated, is the Swahili word for "Winners".


Trampolining is a Gymnastic Olympic discipline where the gymnast performs individual skills including somersaults in a range of shapes with a range of twists on a trampoline.  Trampolining looks for the gymnast to start and finish on the same spot.  In competition a 10 bounce routine is performed.


At Washindi Trampoline Club the direction is to aim for success; building on high level coaching, realising each individual's competitive ambitions and allowing training to be fun.  Washindi Trampoline Club provides the opportunity for individuals to become part of the scene of competitive training for all ages. 


Sessions run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 5.30pm onwards and Saturday and Sunday from 9am.  

We are primarily based at Edgbarrow Sports Centre, Crowthorne, however some of our classes are held at other locations.

Exact timings, location and frequency of attendance would need to be discussed after an assessment. 


We welcome/invite any parent with a child, or adult, who would like to trampoline competitively or recreationally to contact us so that we may chat through trampolining opportunities available to them. 


Washindi also offers recreational classes and has a strong links with several recreational feeder clubs and schools.


The club can offer assessment sessions for those who have participated in formally taught trampolining classes and are showing potential and/or have a keen interest in competing, or who have participated in compatible sports.  

We welcome those with special needs and have provision for integration or 1:1 can be provided if required. 


Washindi Trampoline Club follow British Gymnastics policies.

These can be found at www.british-gymnastics.org.uk



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