Elaine Rushby 

 07711 280573


BG Cycle 6 High Performance Coach. 

BG Regional Judge. 

Ex Grade 3 Competitor. 

BG Special Needs Coach.

Pre School Level 1.

BG / UKCC Level 1&2  Coach Course Tutor & Examiner/IV

Southern Trampolining Committee Secretary.

BG Time To Listen.

BG Club Management.

SCUK Safeguarding & Protecting Children.

Various SCUK & NSPCC courses.  

Business & Leisure Degree.

Diploma in Sports Psychology.

BTEC Childcare.

First Aid



The following is a list of the Club personnel involved in coaching or emergency coaching cover 2017/2018, their telephone numbers, qualifications, and other relevant information:




All coaching team have a current DBS, child protection training, BG CPD training. Lead coaches (*) have current first aid

Nikki Hayter (*)    07887 778787. BG Cycle 5 Coach L4. 

Lydia Osborn (*)    Please call Elaine. BG Cycle 7 Level 3 coach M4. BG Club Judge. Competitor. BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy MCSP HCPC

Laura Caswell (*)    07391 717959. BG Cycle 6 Coach L3 M2. BG Special Needs Coach. SCUK BG Time to Listen. 

Bethan Gill (*)    Please call Elaine. BG /UKCC Cycle 7 Level 2 coach. BG Club Judge. Competitor 

Sophie Bartholomew (*)    Please call Elaine. BG Level 2 coach. Special Needs workshops. 

Charlie Corfield (*)    Please call Elaine. BG /UKCC Cycle 7 Level 2 coach. BG Club Judge.

Emily Sherratt    Please call Elaine. BG Cycle 7 Level 3 coach M1. BG Club Judge. Competitor. BG Time to Listen.

Claire Goulden     Please call Elaine. BG cycle 5 L2 coach.

Liz Fishwick    Please call Elaine. BG Cycle 7 Level 3 coach M1. Pre School Level 2. Cheer Level 3. General Gym Level 2. BG Club Judge. 

Sophie Weeden    Please call Elaine. BG Cycle 7 Level 3 coach M2. BG Club Judge. 

Miranda Hanham    Please see Elaine. BG L2 Coach.

Kirtsy Woodley    Please call Elaine. BG/UKCC Cycle 7 L2. 

Chloe Foster    Please call Elaine. BG/UKCC Cycle 7 L2.

Sarah Hatto    Please call Elaine. BG L1 coach.

Callum Gooding    Please call Elaine. BG/UKCC Cycle 7 Level 1 coach. BG Club Judge. Competitor.

Please see Elaine. BG L1 proficiency; Caitlin Witheridge, Fiona Gibson, Charlie Dillamore, Lauren Nield, Caroline France, Rachael Gooding, Isla, Bruce, Mimi Harboard, Sophie Claydon

Sophie Clift        Please call Elaine. BG level 3 M4 coach – volunteer.



Updated July 2020



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